Invest In Others

What good is being an expert at something if you don’t share your knowledge with others?  Knowledge in my opinion is the most valuable thing I can give.  It’s truly a wonderful feeling to have others appreciate you for taking the time out of your day to help them or give them advice–and guess what?  I […]

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Why I Stopped Measuring My Parenting Skills by the Standards of Others

As a mother of 6 I know all too well how fast toddlers can slip out of their parent’s grasp. Most parents want to protect their child by any means possible — they want to prevent every possible accident and injury that could ever potentially affect their child, but the truth is, parents are humans and humans are not perfect-we make mistakes — and sometimes plain old accidents happen.

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Fighting the Inevitable

I’ve come to an understanding that time exists on this plane, yet doesn’t exist outside of it- all at the same time. I also believe that one’s destiny is manifested–and the manifestation of one’s destiny “occurs” long before one actually realizes it’s happening. I personally believe we are in control of our own destiny, however, sometimes elements of the control happens in our unconscious mind– yet no matter what, destiny draws us in like a magnet.

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Admiring a Butterfly

Caterpillars are unique to many animals in the sense that they have the opportunity to experience “death” on two occasions while on earth. After their first death, they awake into a state of beauty unmatched by many other creatures on earth—in the form of a butterfly.

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