Fighting the Inevitable


Have you ever tried to fight the inevitable?  It’s sort of like falling in love– as much as you try to convince yourself all the reasons why you shouldn’t love someone and why the relationship won’t work, your heart knows all the reasons it will.  This is exactly what has been happening to me in certain aspects of my awakening process.  I’ve recently come to the realization that some things ARE inevitable– because I chose my path long before this life began– and becoming WIDE FUCKING AWAKE was a part of the plan all along.  Let me explain.

I’ve come to an understanding that time exists on this plane,  yet doesn’t exist outside of it- all at the same time.  I also believe that one’s destiny is manifested–and the manifestation of one’s destiny “occurs” long before one actually realizes it’s happening.  I personally believe we are in control of our own destiny, however, sometimes elements of the control happens in our unconscious mind– yet no matter what, destiny draws us in like a magnet.

Though we may be able to delay certain elements of our destiny for a time– we can never truly escape it.  There is no escaping or changing destiny– because I believe that what we perceive as a change in one’s path is actually destiny all a long– it was always going to happen.

I’ve recently become aware of how fast I am accelerating within this plane of existence.  I am absorbing knowledge and learning from my mistakes as well as from observations of the world at a rate I’ve never experienced before.  Clarity is setting in, and while it is amazing it is also confusing and overwhelming at times.  One element of my awakening process I’ve been hesitating to embrace is the absolute necessity that I must detox myself thoroughly.

My body is the temple that houses the source of who I am within the universe, and I haven’t been caring for it properly– thus I’ve been hindering my progress.  It is inevitable that I change some of the negative habits I indulge in– and as much as I swore off the idea of vegan-ism over the years–It’s becoming clear that it is more than likely an inevitable aspect of my journey that I will have to embrace at some point.  I think my body is at the point where it is crying out to be healed–and vegan-ism is key to this process. My life source is struggling right now– I picture it fighting to shine inside this grimy polluted shell it is encased in–and the time has come for me to clean house.  I am low on energy–and I know it’s because I haven’t been caring for myself properly.  I don’t know exactly how long it will take–but I know I have purpose here–and to be at my best I need to be in my best shape.  The poisons I’ve been ingesting has only hindered me– I can no longer allow that.



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