On Black Lives Matter, Allies and Jesse Williams


Pt. 1: Why the #blacklivesmatter Movement is Dangerous

Since its inception, opponents of the #blacklivesmatter movement have referred to it as wrong, racist, un-American, divisive and even dangerous, because all lives matter… right?  Many white Americans take offense, because many white Americans are in denial.  They are in denial of the big fat elephant sitting comfortably at the peak of American society, white privilege.   The silent, yet pervasive system of inequality afflicting black America has been exposed.  America’s dirty little “secret” has been thrust into the limelight for the entire world to see, and the powers that be are getting uncomfortable.

The thing about discomfort however, is that people tend to readjust their selves when denied comfort, so let’s continue to make them uncomfortable until they have no choice but to readjust.

When asked of his opinion on the momentum the #blacklivesmatter movement is gaining nationwide, Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is quoted as saying “I don’t think it’s [going to] end up good.

The fact is all lives matter — that includes black and it includes white and it includes everybody else…”

Sadly, Trump’s sentiments regarding the #blacklivesmatter movement are reflective of many within the white community.  What Trump and other opponents of the movement fail to acknowledge is that white lives have always mattered, and will always matter in America. Many white people cannot relate to the #blacklivesmatter movement and therefore dismiss it altogether.  There has never been a need for a #whitelivesmatter movement in America, because privilege is a birthright for white Americans.   At birth, a white baby has an exponential advantage over a black baby born under the exact same circumstances for a successful, happy, healthy, and wholesome life.

It is a statistical fact that a white baby will be more often afforded opportunity and privilege based on nothing more than the color of his skin; the same privilege and opportunity a black baby will rarely if ever experience, based on the color of his skin.


The #blacklivesmatter movement is not an attempt to devalue nonblack Americans; the movement began as a way to emphasize that black lives are equally important.  It is a demand for equality to a country which has forgotten black people and their contributions to a nation often referred to as the greatest in the world.

In a country where the voices of black people are often unheard, social media has become a powerful platform to echo the sentiments of blacks in America in a way the nation will notice.  One hashtag is all that was needed to spark the flame, which ignited a media firestorm of nationwide attention toward the devastating plight of black people in America; a hashtag reiterating the bigoted ideals which has been embedded within the DNA of this nation since its inception.

Some of the problem lie with the “deniers”– those  within white America who fail to acknowledge the widespread inequality afflicting people of color. Some of them resort to gas lighting, insisting that black people themselves are responsible for their status in America. In response, the black community has posed the question, “How can an entire group of people be at fault for the circumstances they are born into, and that their ancestors were forced into”?

The reason the majority tend to ignore the issue is because either the system works to their advantage, or the problem is too overwhelming for them to address.  Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away, however.  Ignoring the problem only fuels the fire, and now the flames are now out of control.  The country is now being destroyed by the flames; and those in control are frantically trying to figure out how to smolder them, in an attempt to save face on the global stage.  This particular firestorm will not be as easy to smolder, however.

So what happens now? It is obvious the #blacklivesmatter movement is not on the verge of dying out; it is not a simple “phase” the black community is going through, but a permanent fixture, fiercely attaching itself to American culture as a whole.

The black community will no longer resort to silence and acceptance; a revolution is stirring, and the internet has become the perfect medium for black voices to be heard, and listened to.

Unity is key to propelling the movement forward, and once that occurs, the movement will become dangerous.  It will endanger systems of injustice, economic inequality, cultural appropriation, genocide, and all the other evils which has oppressed the black community throughout the history of America.  Silence is no longer an option, black people are quickly realizing their power and cementing their place within American society as individuals equally deserving of the same privileges and opportunities whites in America already possess.

The #blacklivesmatter was exactly what was needed to unite a group of people historically dismissed as divided, unmotivated, and unessential to the grand scheme of things.  Unity within black America poses a threat to those who greedily hold onto the system of white privilege.  These enemies of the movement exist in every area of the nation, and black people coming together makes the bigoted elite nervous.  Black people are dangerous only when they’re completely united, because unity leads to revolution, which will no doubt uproot the systems in place meant to hinder the black community.  The growing number of people of all colors in support of the #blacklivesmatter movement is rapidly growing, and to those in support of a nation that remains divided by racism, that is a dangerous thing.



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